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What this page is about…

  • How to stop being dominated by supermarkets, large discounters and pharmaceutical benefit schemes…
  • What you need to know to regain market share, restore your competitive pharmacy edge and dominate your local area…
  • How to safeguard your pharmacy from new government deregulation and selfish location policies…
  • The ‘no-fuss’ way to turn your pharmacy into a leading service provider that wins an ongoing and growing loyal following…
  • The smart way to increase the return on investment in your business (without spending more money).

Is your pharmacy…?

  • Struggling to fill its floor with eager loyal customers?
  • Failing to meet it’s monthly or annual sales target or profit margins?
  • Not providing you the free time or lifestyle you deserve?

Then keep reading to discover how to…

“Become the Trusted Leading Pharmacy That Completely Dominates Your Local Area and Significantly Boost Your Overall Profitability – Without Spending a Fortune, Hiring New Staff or Discounting Your Prices”.


But first…

Here’s the current local pharmacy problem explained…

In a nutshell, if you need more ‘front-of-shop’ sales because your staff are not selling enough, and you want to escape the daily frustration of being stuck in the dispensary so you can connect more with your customers and increase the professional services you provide to them…

Then the problem you’re suffering in your business is what I call the…

‘Pharmacy Marketing Fossil Threat’.


This is where a pharmacy is under competitive duress, dominated by the aggressive marketing efforts of its trading rivals, and is threatening to become a ‘fossil business’ by losing a BIG CHUNK of market share…

…And in my experience as a leading pharmacy business coach, here’s what I found…

If you’re going to do what every other local pharmacy does, unfortunately, you’re going to be lost in the sea of “sameness”, which so far has proven to send many pharmacies BROKE.

See below;

Here are the 3 Costly Bottlenecks Causing Many Pharmacies toFall Victim to Their Competition, and Blindly Keeps Them From Dominating Their Local Area.

Fatal Pharmacy Bottleneck #3:

“Lack of Staff and Team Enthusiasm”

Let’s face it. Staff lose motivation.

They get stale and bored very quickly.

Yes, they might be ‘in attendance’, but they’re not engaged or productive.

Their everyday routine becomes monotonous and too regular to stimulate excitement or create any real bounce in their step.

Work may not always be a daily motivational seminar or thrill seeking adventure, but when your staff are down and dismal, your customers feel this ‘lack of interest’ and become affected by their mood.

From a business point of view, over time, when you add up all the missed sales lost as a result, this makes your demotivated staff an expensive resource that doesn’t pull its weight.

Fatal Pharmacy Bottleneck #2:

“Not Offering Professional Services”

Not providing professional services means leaving a tonne of money on the table.

It also means your customers will visit your competitors who DO offer the services they need, opening the door for them to buy other products that you also sell, causing you to lose two sales instead of just one.

When trying to gain customer loyalty and sales, this is a recipe for disaster.

Many pharmacists are frustrated when they’re constantly stuck in the dispensary instead of being out in the store front providing advice, additional products and professional services to their customers.

When you’re unable to do this, it takes the fun out of pharmacy and gradually wears you down, reducing your vigour as a business owner and as a professional, who can make a real contribution to your customers’ health, even further.

Fatal Pharmacy Bottleneck #1:

“Low Shop Of Front Sales”

A pharmacy is a business with expenses just like any other. The number one biggest expense for pharmacies is rent, and the second biggest expense is labour. Sales are the backbone of any pharmacy.

When sales are down, this seriously inhibits the cash-flow of the pharmacy, causing strain to meet the financial demands it needs to keep operating.

In a failing pharmacy, low front of shop sales is the most common and BIGGEST problematic area of all, and is usually the most important factor that needs immediate attention.

When a pharmacy suffers low front of shop sales for too long and doesn’t meet its monthly target turnover, it causes the business to regularly run at a loss.

Not being able to pay expenses for extended periods eventually makes the pharmacy insolvent, putting pressure on ‘accounts owed’, repayable loans and/or credit facilities, which usually forms the beginning of foreclosure.

  • If you’re oblivious to just ONE of the above costly blind spots, then you’re Just Over the Border, because all three blind spots need to be eradicated to successfully stay ahead in your industry.
  • If you’re oblivious to TWO of the above costly blind spots, then you’re in ‘Slave-Ship Seating Mode’ where your pharmacy is a slave to the bigger more aggressive suppliers that you currently compete with.
  • If you’re oblivious to all THREE of the above costly blind spots, then your pharmacy is in a ‘State of Self-Destruction’ (emergency mode). For you, it’s just a matter of time before you face an unexpected turn that can cause your pharmacy to go broke, close down, and possibly become bankrupt as a result of trading while insolvent.

If your pharmacy is currently experiencing ANY of the above three bottlenecks, this leaves you with two short & medium term options:

Bail out and sell your pharmacy BEFORE it becomes public knowledge that buying a pharmacy is no longer a viable proposition… or…

Keep your valued pharmacy and transform it into a thriving leading business that dominates your local area and outperforms your competition.

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