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The Pharmacy Profit Secrets ‘frequently asked questions’ and our answers to them…

1. Can I Afford This?

A wise man once told me the most expensive investment one could ever make was to try and do everything yourself. The most economical investment one could ever make is to find someone who has already achieved the result you want and pay them to show you how to do it so you can avoid all the pitfalls, wasted cash and lost time.

The most important question to ask yourself isn’t how much this investment will cost. The question to ask is, can we afford not to do it? And what opportunity will be missed by not becoming a part of the team. Rest assured, Pharmacy Profit Secrets takes all the risk here.

If you do you not AT LEAST double your investment in the program within 12 months and you’ve followed all the steps then you will receive a full refund. How much money are you leaving on the table and how much is your inaction actually costing your business?

It’s time to get the result you want. Now is the time to futureproof your pharmacy and take your business to the next level, now and into the future and have an expert do the work and deliver the training and guidance that you don’t have the time to do. Time to start living the life you deserve. Time for your expectations to be met.

We give you step by step help to choose specific strategies that increase your profitability requiring no or minimal further outlay. In fact, many of our clients reduce their overheads as a result of implementing the strategies in the program.

So there is no downside or risk for you or your business, only all the positive outcomes that we have discussed. It’s a “no brainer”.

2. Can I Do This Myself?

If you could have, you would have done it already. Let’s face it, the reason you don’t have what you want already, is because you don’t know how to do it, because no one showed you, or you are always too busy being reactive in your business to actually get ahead.

I’ve owned a pharmacy and worked in community pharmacy for over 10 years now. How could you know more about my business than I do?

No one will know more about your pharmacy than you but most pharmacists have not been trained in the business of business let alone in the latest strategies to counteract the challenges in today’s pharmacy landscape. It’s hard to figure out on your own what areas of your business need improvement or how to make those improvements, with the least effort to generate the greatest results.

How much time are you wasting ‘spinning your wheels’ by not using proven systems to get back your time? How much profit do you leave on the table by not implementing proven and successful marketing and selling strategies designed and proven to be successful for pharmacies? How much time do you waste, how little time do you have for family by not having a optimally systemised business?

Yes, there is lots of information readily available. However spending the time to research and find the information you need as well as then read, watch or listen it, not to mention get a basic understanding of it, can be very confusing and time consuming. The problem is putting it all together into a coherent program and actually applying it to your own situation. How do I know this? Because it took us many years to do just that. No one had done all the work for us, so we had to do it ourselves. That was quite a slow and expensive process. So why join our program? Because we have done all the hard work for you. We give you practical, step-by-step, sequential information that is simple to understand, so that you can apply it immediately and begin reaping the benefits

You’re successful but you are the business, and when you are away on leave or unfortunately can’t work due to illness, can your pharmacy business operate smoothly without you long term?

If we work over the next 12 months to implement all these critical aspects into your business, imagine where you will be in the future. If we get started today, just imagine where you will be and what you will have achieved in 12 months’ time and look to building well into the future, a business that will keep giving you strong cash-flow, high profitability and good systems so you can make a real difference in your community, to your customers and patients.

3. I don’t have the time for meetings, training and implementation?

As clichéd as it may sound, it is nonetheless true that the distance between your dreams and reality is called ACTION!

What are you willing to do and what are you prepared to sacrifice to have the best business possible? How much time are you prepared to put into your business now, so that you don’t have to later!

This partnership is designed for pharmacists who are 100% committed and dedicated to improving their turnover, profitability, getting their life back and working with their ideal customers. You can work more on building your business, spend more time planning and getting work done that never seems to get done now, have more time to pursue your interests.

If you are not prepared to watch or read the material, attend the meetings, get the advice, direction and support you need then you won’t achieve the result. You will need to devote 2 hours a week to working on your business. If you don’t want to take our direction and implement these proven methods into your business, in order to contribute to your community and to deliver maximum service to your customers, then the Pharmacy Profit secrets program is not for you.

Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try!

4. I have invested in different programs, worked with coaches, done training in the past and had mixed results, I’m afraid this will be the same?

We can relate only too well with your situation. We have worked with some of the world’s leading business consultants and coaches, as well as attended varied training sessions in the past, have felt let down by many, and although some have been enriching experiences, they didn’t get us the exact results we needed. This is why we created this program and set up the supporting mechanisms to help guide you and support you at all times, so that we can ensure you get the result and have a positive experience. We wish we had the same support that we are providing here, when we were building our companies.

The way the program is designed, is to ensure minimal disruption to your current workflow. We know you are busy running your business and have families with commitments. However, what we do well is keep to an easy to implement and structured format where you are ensured to receive the marketing, business and sales processes clearly, whilst always being supported.

5. I have done courses and read books on marketing, sales, systems and building a profitable system in the past. What makes PPS Mastermind program any different?

Great question! There are several main proven differences and advantages of joining our program including:

• Attending workshops and reading books are of great value and I highly recommend you do both regularly. The major problem with workshops is that they’re so jam-packed with info in short periods of time. Your brain can only retain so much information in a short period of time, not to mention that 2 weeks after attending a workshop you only retain 5% of everything you actually took in. So to overcome this problem, we use the space repetition method which was first suggested in the book Psychology of Study by Professor C. A. Mace in 1932. Using this method we enhance your ability to absorb our strategies quicker and retain the information. We achieve this by holding fortnightly mastermind sessions. The power of this method comes from applying the strategy straight away into your business or immediately completing the exercise after the masterclass. So not only is it locked into your brain for good but you have actually completed the necessary step towards your end goal.

• Reading books is also great for improving your knowledge. Unfortunately there’s no substitute for having someone there to hold you accountable, answer questions specific to your situation, provide the specific answer to a specific question, the solutions when you need them and in the correct order to ensure you succeed. Once again, we have found a way to overcome this problem by offering email support and one on one coaching via phone or skype. You can’t get that from a book or a workshop.

6. I already have a business coach, do I need this?

If your business coach is delivering great results and an incredible experience for you, we highly recommend you stay with them. Please consider the following in your choice of business coach though:

1. Do they thoroughly understand community pharmacy specifically and work only with pharmacies and banner groups?

2. Are their strategies proven to work in pharmacy or are they generic retail strategies?

3. Has your business coach owned and operated their own business?

7. How much experience do you have in working with pharmacists?

Our experience is vast, spanning over 29 years in the fields of pharmacy, buyer behavior, organisational and sales psychology, change management, leadership, team building, personal development and recruitment, our careers have largely been focused in sales and the pharmacy sector in various roles and functions, ranging from Account Management to National positions, including ownership of companies.

The information we will give you is based on:

● Experience – we will share with you everything we learnt from utilising these strategies with our clients;

● Scientific research – we will introduce you to cutting-edge research marketing and people and business management;

● Observation in the field – our work with those who have succeeded or are on the way to sustainable increases in their profitability.

We have literally worked with and helped hundreds of clients skyrocket their business via one-on-one consulting, our monthly mentoring and mastermind programs, running workshops and speaking at conferences, with increases in FOS sales of 10% or more and profitability growing by 30%, common in the first 90 days.

8. How long does the mastermind program run for?

The program is designed to go for 12 months continuously, as we build on the topics before. A 12 month program is a real commitment and certainly a more demanding one than a 3 month program. Why do think it is 12 months? Well, simply because there is no ‘silver bullet’ BUT if you are willing to invest 1-3 hours a week implementing proven and successful systems and strategies, we will add in the one percenters in every facet of your pharmacy business (leadership, staff, sales, marketing, financials etc). Over time, once you’ve implemented those protocols and we test and measure the results you will see that it takes 12 months to make those permanent changes and significantly enhance your success. I would rather be upfront about that. After all, would you rather work hard for the next 12 months and implement proven and successful strategies for your business, which are going to give you back a leaner run company, better organisation, more profit, more control, more time and more direction than you’ve ever had before or would you rather keep doing exactly what you’ve always been doing and spend the next 20 years of your pharmacy business life getting the exact same result and the exact same challenges and frustrations and blaming the government and your competitors for your situation?

Our clients lead the way, are successful, profitable pharmacies and they’re not vulnerable to what’s happening in the government or even in the economy.

9. How do I know that this is going to work for me?

We have tested and measured our systems for many years and through trial and error (and at a huge cost) have discovered what works, and what doesn’t work if you want to run successful and highly profitable pharmacies. We currently have hundreds of clients undergoing pharmacy specific training and using our highly proven and effective sales and marketing tools and templates, implementing our business strategies and systems.

If you attend your meetings and training sessions, implement what you commit to, you will succeed and see massive change not only in your business but in yourself too. We guarantee it.

If you don’t generate at least double your investment in the program within 12 months of joining and you have diligently followed the system and implemented all the strategies we provide you with, we will refund you your investment or work with you for free until you do.

10. Can my retail manager or other staff join us?

You are very welcome to invite an additional stakeholder such as your business partner or retail manager to the mastermind sessions or one on one consulting meetings and certainly we encourage you to teach what you’ve learned to them so the strategies are supported and implemented by everyone in your business.

11. I’m in Perth, Tasmania, Regional Victoria, New Zealand, live in the CBD or a outer Region… will this work for me?

All our learning, supporting materials, meetings and systems are online so you can easily and conveniently access them from your computer, tablet and smartphone. The 2 hour Mastermind Meetings are also conducted online bi-monthly, so you will only need to plan and make time for your one time only Strategic Business Assessment and Review when you commence the program. It’s the most efficient way for you to learn from your mentor and your colleagues.

12. I own several pharmacies… will this work for me?

Although this scenario differs from a community pharmacist with one store, our systems have be devised to account for all types of pharmacy owners, no matter how many pharmacies they own, their niche or area of expertise or their locality. What will ensure your success in the program is not the number of pharmacies you own but whether you’re open to improving your business. Are you open to ideas and systems which will improve your bottom line, give you more freedom and more time and create a better team environment where everyone is ‘singing from the same hymn book’?

13. How do I get answers to questions in between meetings?

As specified in the inclusions at any time and with unlimited access, you can book an online via video link appointment (within business hours) with one of our experts, or if you prefer to use email, your email will be responded to within 1 working day by your Mentor.

14. What’s expected of me as a member when I join Pharmacy Profit Secrets?

You are expected to have fun with your mastermind group members, larger PPS Team community and the team of specialists of PPS.

Arrive on time to attend your 2 hour online Accountability Mastermind Meetings via Video link with your homework completed and your questions ready in order to set your objectives, implement what you learn and be accountable to yourself and others.

Conduct yourself at the highest level of professionalism when dealing with colleagues and customers alike. As with anything in life, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.

15. When will I be billed?

Your credit card will be debited monthly for the 12 months of the program.

Payments are processed through Eway, which offers a totally secure payment processing. You can visit their website for the details of how this is achieved.

16. Can I get access to some of the later classes if I want to fast track the process or access previous classes regardless of when I join?

Absolutely. The recordings and instructional videos, templates and exercise workbooks are all stored online and easy for you to access when you need to.

17. How do I contact you?

Go to the ‘Contact’ tab at the top right of the website, email us at info@pharmacyprofitsecrets.com or ring 03 9028 4785

18. I’d like to leave a testimonial as your program really delivers. How can I do that?

We really appreciate your offer! Testimonials are really valuable to us as it helps us to help others. Thank you! Please visit www.PharmacyProfitSecrets.com/testimonial.html and it will tell you exactly how to go about leaving one.

19. I think I’d be a good candidate for an interview or I know someone who would be perfect (or think you would be a great candidate for an interview or conference presentation). How can I find out if I can help?

We’re always looking for people to interview. Also happy to present to groups or help out colleagues. Please email us using the link on the ‘contact’ page explaining what you think you could offer our clients or what we could provide that would be of benefit to your community and we’ll contact you shortly.