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Two pharmacists were having an animated debate about whether Facebook marketing was worthwhile. One was adamant that it was a lot of effort for very little return. The other hotly disputed that viewpoint claiming it was immensely beneficial to her business.

Both perspectives were right. Click on the image below to watch this short video and find out why:

The first pharmacist was working in a pharmacy that derived most of their income from a local hospital and a couple of aged care facilities. If your customer base are either transient (hospital patients) or elderly and infirm you won’t connect with them on Facebook.

But for most community pharmacies  your customer definitely is on Facebook,  whether they’re retirees with grandchildren, Generation X parents with teenagers or Generation Y young mums.

Why include FACEBOOK in your marketing strategy? 

These days, you must differentiate yourself from the competition and especially the faceless discounters and supermarkets.

Facebook gives you an avenue to directly connect with your community, add more value, get to know each other as people as well as professionals and build a tribe of people who know you, like you and trust you. It creates a more personal connection and through the online platform they get to know you so they come in already having a connection to your pharmacy.

If you can do that then that tribe will be your loyal customers, less price sensitive and more likely to refer their friends to you. Especially as you have an opportunity to learn more about them through their engagement with your posts and the questions you ask each other, direct feedback and conversations, which in turn helps you hone your offering to them and make them even more loyal to your pharmacy, as they know you really ‘get’ them. It gives you authority and credibility. You’re seen as experts that really want to help out.

The more you post, the more engagement there is, the more Facebook will show your posts and your community can grow. It creates referrals because they see the posts that their friends have reacted to in their own news feed.

Your Unique Value Proposition

The fact is all of your customers can walk into a discounter and get almost anything you offer too.

The difference is that they know you and you have the right mix of products for them as well as a personal relationship and valued advice.

Facebook can be the medium that starts that conversation and helps you refine your offering to them when they come in store, building their connection and sense of loyalty and aided by your layout, neat and tidy and relaxed environment.  Done well, it brings customers into your pharmacy for relevant reasons and paid services like vaccinations or clinical interventions.

Making Facebook Work For You

Building your Facebook following could mean an additional 200 customers a week or 200 a month (depending on the size of your pharmacy) at a very modest cost to you. Calculate what that means in terms of additional scripts and retail sales and it becomes clear it’s worth taking Facebook seriously. I’ve seen revenues increase by 10-15% from this one strategy.

And the return on investment for utilizing Facebook can be excellent, Facebook advertising can be very economical if you know what you’re doing but you could unnecessarily spend a lot of money on advertising.  Facebook is a minefield and unless you implement the correct proven strategies as part of your overall marketing strategy, it will  cost you money, time, effort and angst. There are specific, proven tactics and strategies in Facebook that work and most don’t.

Before you even reach that point, you must get the basics right. Next week we’ll be posting an article on the rules. Follow them and you can win big. Ignore or be ignorant of them and you will be wasting a wonderful opportunity to connect effectively with your community and build your business.

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