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Human beings are driven by mental and emotional factors in their work. Excellent remuneration is no substitute for job satisfaction and pharmacists, in particular, usually chose their profession because they want to help people.

You have the opportunity to motivate your employees in ways that can- to a degree- offset their comparatively modest remuneration.

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If an employee feels overall they’re fairly treated, has the opportunity to grow professionally, can genuinely help customers and is a respected staff member (but not overburdened), then remuneration is less important.

Motivating them according to their individual drivers is therefore a critical management strategy. Matching a reward to that motivation is what keeps them excited and engaged.

Motivate For Action

You want your pharmacists out front where they can most make a difference so increase their job satisfaction by reminding them that adding value to the customer enhances their own job security; maybe it’s the opportunity to do something different or the chance to really help people with advice or acknowledgement that really excites them. For some, it might be knowing their authority as the professional is needed by you or the customers out on the floor that motivates them.

All employees want some security, variety, connection with others and a sense of importance. So get out your trusty notepad and jot down which of these motivators are strongest for each of your staff members. There’ll usually be two motivators that predominate for each person.

Make Work Meaningful

Next, having a discussion with each individual employee about what’s meaningful to them about their work gets them thinking and increases their motivation over and above their remuneration.

You need to believe in the value of what you’re doing to be motivated and achieve job satisfaction. World renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead said, “Never underestimate the power of a small group of motivated people to change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has”. It’s about the difference you make personally when your work is meaningful to you.

If your staff are just coming to work to collect a wage then how well are they actually engaging with and helping customers improve their health and what is that costing you in sales?

Provide Trust With Accountability

Staff like being trusted but we all run off the rails if there’s no accountability or boundaries.

Here are the 3 vital steps to introduce trust with accountability:

1. Identify their talents
2. Empower them with KPIs, boundaries and goals and the ‘space’ to achieve them
3. Check on their progress at pre agreed times

You’ll gain back time because they’re playing to their strengths and have accountability for their results so they’ll be more productive, less dependent on you, happier and more fulfilled.

Without boundaries and goals staff lose opportunities to help customers which reduces sales and customer loyalty. It also lowers job satisfaction and morale as they move into reactive mode (and correspondingly focus more on remuneration than customers).

The Importance of KPIs

For many pharmacy owners the biggest challenge is how to get the staff to care about the KPIs so communicate the benefits of the KPIs for them and your customers. Human beings need a ‘what’s in it for me’ to galvanize us into action and knowing their individual results will be seen by co workers and meeting their KPIs will impact their performance review or salary review will create greater impetus for action.

Putting weekly figures and achievements on a whiteboard (or emailed) and discussed in regular team meetings and individual reviews are critical to maintain employees’ motivation and job satisfaction and then you can set goals to improve their performance and your bottom line.

Rewards for winning competitions or acknowledgement for achieving individual targets will maintain momentum.

The Last Word

The name of the game is making your employees’ work enjoyable and purposeful because then your customers will benefit and you’ll safeguard your business.

Staff acceptance of pay rates and their job satisfaction is vastly improved when you tap into their individual motivators so they feel appropriately challenged and appreciated. Most pharmacy staff will choose meaningful, satisfying work that is noticed and acknowledged over a few extra dollars.

In the next article, you’ll learn some creative strategies to further develop meaningful involvement for your staff in building your pharmacy’s success, but for now, if you’d like to discover some other great strategies to motivate your staff then click here to download your free report:Click Here NOW!