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For many pharmacists, confusion and frustration reigns when it comes to marketing. Unless you have deep pockets, up to the minute marketing knowledge or are a big box discounter relying on your simple ‘value proposition’ of cheap prices to bring in masses of people, chances are you’re doing bits and pieces of marketing but haven’t discovered the right marketing mix to bring in a consistent flood of new customers. You may even be on the verge of giving up altogether. If you have discovered that Holy marketing Grail then congratulations. There are not many of you.

How to do marketing well.

Watch this short video to discover how to maximise your success with marketing:

For community pharmacies, marketing is about identifying what’s important to your prospective customers and communicating your understanding via messages on a grand scale in order to attract them into your store.

Choosing marketing activities, whom to market to, for what purpose and then creating a plan to get it done and test and measure the results is not straight forward. You are marketing to people and what is meaningful to them varies according to your local demographic. It takes time and some trial and error to create the right mix and then constant review and tweaking to keep things on track.  Some strategies will work brilliantly, some will flop and all of it takes effort and consistent dedication.

Done well and measured properly, marketing is fun, interesting and rewarding. It creates lucrative results for your business as well as generating substantial interest, leading to more customers, greater loyalty and cementing your value in your local community.

Can I Delegate My Marketing To Staff? 

You, as the business owner MUST create the plan and drive its implementation. Nobody knows your business as well as you do nor will any employee be as committed to its success or able to prioritise working on the business over their daily tasks.

That  said, your staff can be an asset in suggesting ideas and implementing aspects of your marketing. If they’re keen by all means involve them in marketing meetings, set them tasks and provide deadlines and accountability so you can ensure they follow through on their marketing activities.

Thus, while you need to know how to set up your FACEBOOK or Instagram page properly, for example, you can get staff to do it under your instruction. They can create posts and you approve them (or not). Delegate the scheduling and other  aspects of running a page or group to them. They can help you with the research into understanding your market and  methods to connect with your community but you need to create, execute, monitor and review the plan.

How Do I Create A Cohesive, Effective And Successful Marketing Strategy? 

  1. Research your community and identify your ideal customers, how they like to be communicated with, where they congregate and the relevant products and services you can provide.
  2. Create a  plan so you can lay out, check off and monitor each of the strategies you choose.
  3. Test and measure your return on investment in each strategy. Constantly review your marketing plan and result so it’s a dynamic picture of what works with some ‘wild cards’ thrown into the mix. You never know: that ‘wild card’ (if it’s inexpensive) could be a bonanza for your pharmacy business.

In conclusion,

Well executed marketing needs to be part of your business success tool kit. With the discounters breathing down your neck and price disclosure hitting your hip pocket hard, marketing is one aspect you can take control of and use to differentiate yourself from your competition, attract new, loyal customers and ultimately increase your profit….but you need to do it now to stay relevant, create growth and safeguard your business.

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