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Are you losing sales and opportunities to build a really loyal customer base of advocates for your pharmacy?

Click on the image below and watch this short video to discover how to capitalise on this opportunity using Facebook:

Social media is a great marketing tool to increase loyalty and customer numbers if you know what you’re doing and fraught with frustration, wasted time and money if you don’t. Pharmacies these days are waking up to the fact your customers are on social media but still confused about how to successfully leverage that opportunity.

So. Let me un-confuse you. There are rules to making FACEBOOK work for your pharmacy:

Rule # 1: Make Sure You Have ‘The Right Stuff’ 

Are you really clear on your value proposition? What makes you appealing to your ideal customer?

Will you or someone in your store make it a non negotiable priority to post in FACEBOOK every day? Nobody knows your business and your community better than you and your staff so it’s unwise to outsource your social media marketing.

Are you patient and accept that FACEBOOK is a medium term marketing strategy? The results will come over a period of months if you are consistent and focused.

Do you have an overall marketing strategy that Facebook is a part of? It should complement your other marketing activities.

 Rule # 2: Post What Your Audience Want To See

This is a question I get a lot from clients: what do we put on our FACEBOOK page? Catalogues? Specials? Talk about our pharmacy?

Actually, no, what your customers want is information they can relate to on a personal level. Posts that reveal your values, what you stand for, what’s important to you that match up with their views will get their attention and create a sense that you know and understand each other and build liking and loyalty.

Posting about medical or community related topics of concern or interest to your avatar is also key. Health tips, topical issues you can help with, stories, valuable relevant information, articles and blogs they can share with their friends are all highly successful in creating and maintaining engagement with your page and with your pharmacy.

Short Videos have proven to be especially powerful in driving people to your website where you have your blogs, or even into your pharmacy. You create interest and it gives them a reason to come into your pharmacy.

What are the questions, problems, challenges and issues in your community and how are you going to solve them through your articles and content? Create a forum where you become their friend and trusted advisor and give them valuable information.

You can intermittently make offers and speak about specific products but everything on your Facebook page is focused on ‘giving back’ to your customers and community by offering help and strategies.

Rule # 3: Advertise Correctly To Maximize Your ROI 

What’s brilliant about Facebook is everything is measurable.

You can track how much each ad costs you and accurately calculate the cost per acquisition of a customer.

They have excellent analytic tools to help you test, track and measure everything so you can calculate your return on investment and fine tune your ads so they’re seen by your ideal demographic with interests and needs that you can meet.

Use these analytical tools and you’ll save yourself a heap of money as well as targeting more of your ideal customers.

The Final Analysis 

There are very few pharmacies that can afford to ignore social media, especially FACEBOOK. Yes it takes time and effort but it’s a clever and economical way of connecting with your customers and potential customers, building loyalty and trust and genuinely adding value to your community.

The big question is, are you ready to take the leap and to do it before your competitors catch on? Remember too, Facebook is an important marketing tool but it shouldn’t be your only marketing tactic. In next week’s article you’ll discover how to create a cohesive, effective and successful marketing strategy.

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