Specialist Pharmacy Business Mentors

How important is your pharmacy to you as a business?

The usual answer I get from pharmacists is ‘very’ and yet it’s still a significant challenge to find time to focus strongly ON their business because they’re so busy IN their business.

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Helping customers and contributing to your community and their health is critical and it’s why most pharmacists got into the profession in the first place.

It’s also important to continue to educate ourselves, especially now, with the support and opportunities the government is providing for professional services.  And, as one of my clients pointed out recently, professional development for your business skills is also critical so you can have supportive staff, a better environment for your customers and a better business.

And there’s the rub-

How Do You Find Time To Focus On Both Clinical Education And Business Strategizing?

If that’s a challenge, which do you prioritise?

Clinical education is vital. You need to be at the top of your game so you can help your customers and your community.

But if sales are declining then your anxiety will transmit itself to your staff and then your customers and make the problem worse. Not only that but if your business skills aren’t top notch you’ll drown in this deluge of discount chemists and price disclosure.

It’s important to take action, lower your overheads and find new ways to maximise profit and streamline your business but beware of the ‘knee jerk’ reaction. When you’re worried, your first instinct may not be the right one. That’s where your business skills come in.

There is of course the other very common and very understandable reaction to today’s business challenges, and that’s to just persevere with what you’re already doing, especially if you’ve been too busy to focus ON your business.

Indeed, some pharmacists at conferences I’ve spoken at in the past year have been highly confronted by some of the business facts and the business discussions we’ve had. We can talk about important clinical matters and clinical outcomes but let’s not forget the business outcomes and the business focus because after all,

Your Pharmacy Is A Business.

There are some who felt nervous and uncomfortable when because I talk about how things have changed and they need to adopt a stronger focus on the business of pharmacy and take strong action.

And I totally understand. It is confronting and upsetting. As human beings, familiarity feels safe, even when the familiar no longer serves us. Haven’t we all bought shoes that were comfortable and supportive and kept wearing them long after they’d worn out and were causing pain simply because we’d become accustomed to the pain and accepted it or, worse yet, didn’t really notice the current uncomfortable reality?

Your pharmacy could be like that too.

The Key To Power In 2017

is about more than the importance of education and even clinical outcomes, it’s about business focus and taking action- strategically lowering your overheads and increasing turnover and profitability.

Sales is considered by some pharmacists to be the ‘s’ word.  Even so, you must focus on selling for you to continue to be an important member of and active contributor to your community.

That’s why attention is turning to the front of shop for many pharmacies now.

Provided selling done with integrity and grace it will strengthen your profitability, keep you competitively viable and remaining customer focused.

Remember though, implementation is just as important than planning. As Picasso once said,

“Action is the foundational key to all success”.

So, in 2017, let ‘action’ be your key to power. Create your own masterpiece. Look for ways to improve your efficiencies, maximise your profits, leverage your time, plan and implement….now is the perfect opportunity.

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