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What HAS to change for you this year?

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Pharmacists have woken up to the fact that if community pharmacy is going to survive to service your community AND thrive so you earn profit and a lifestyle you love then something needs to be done differently or better.

What is it?

Simply put, the missing ingredient is Connection.

Connection with your business.

If you don’t connect with your business then you won’t connect with your staff. If you don’t connect with your staff then neither you nor your staff will connect with your customers.

You need all your operational systems properly. You must know your overheads and your financials, net profit being your most important measure…and keep a close eye on your monthly KPIs.

But if there’s no genuine connection with people, whether staff or customers, then there’s no ‘buy in’. If your employees have no real connection with customers or, just as bad, the wrong sort of connection, it is costing you money right now and it will continue to worsen. No ‘buy in’ makes you vulnerable to competition and dependent on price sensitive customers.

Real Connection.

This is not about meet and greet or chatting to Mrs Jones for half an hour about her grandson’s great year 12 marks while she gets her script filled and then letting her walk out the door without buying  a treatment for her dry skin or a vitamin to offset the side effects of her medication.

If the discussion doesn’t truly serve the customer’s health needs or contribute to your profits then it’s the wrong kind of connection.

You’re the Linchpin.

If you don’t connect with your business then you won’t see what’s happening with your people but you will see what’s happening to your bottom line. And it won’t be pretty. Forget the upcoming Year of the Rooster. If you’re a pharmacy owner, this is the Year of Basket Size.

To increase your basket size you must connect with your staff and help them understand that offering your customers and patients relevant products benefits them first and foremost.

Brainstorm with your team, the benefits of quality conversations with your customers- for your customers and for them. Job satisfaction and making a difference by providing practical help and value to your customers and, in these uncertain times, greater job security through being a more valuable and valued an employee are all important. Then move onto discussing what special value they and your pharmacy can offer.


Connection in order to increase basket size is a win 3 ways. A win for the customer, who gets her needs met more effectively. It’s a win for your staff member who will derive greater enjoyment from genuinely and effectively helping your customers and a win for you, the pharmacist.

You can provide an excellent service to the community and safeguard your business.

Yes. This is a call to arms. It may be your last wake up call. Forget the snooze button- it’s time to get up now and take action!

…and the first step is understanding the other 9 keys to refine and safeguard your pharmacy business. So, click here and download your free Pharmacy Breakthrough Checklist NOW!