Specialist Pharmacy Business Mentors

Want your team to be a magnificent asset that provides maximum value to customers and your bottom line? This is not an impossible dream! Pharmacists are taught to analyse and use scientific logic not how to manage a team but here is a clear proven path to follow; a structure and directions that can transform your team in less than 30 days leading to:

• increased productivity increases the efficiency and value from every dollar you’ve invested in salary;
• staff who are motivated to do what’s good for your business including selling more services or front of shop products;
• more effective engagement with patients and customers creating customer loyalty, higher value and more frequent sales whether or not you’re present.

As a former pharmacy assistant, I’ve worked with some PAs who were merely ‘in attendance’, present in body but not in soul. The most noteworthy thing about them was they regularly turned up for work though their contribution was cursory at best. Worse were the ones who demanded their own way and often complained and made trouble for others.

You can get a decent performance, even out of such people. Here are 8 quick and easy strategies to instantly turn around staff motivation and performance.

1. Identify (or have your store manager identify) each person’s main driver. Is it connection with others, security, variety, attention, personal growth or contribution to the world?
2. To galvanise them into action, start with what’s in it for them (based on point 1), then what it is they need to do in 25 words or less, the key steps for how to do it and finally how they’re going to feel, what they’ll see and experience and others will say when they’ve done it.
3. Set a goal in conjunction with them. Make sure it’s expressed as what they/you want not what you want to avoid, which is much less motivational
4. Empower them so they are accountable for the outcome building in check points for progress and them let them get on with it.
5. Find out the best recognition they ever received and why it was so meaningful to them (public, private, what type- a word of thanks, a gift…)
6. Help them strive for greatness with the talents and interests they have. Remember the old adage- never teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig!
7. Catch them doing something right and compliment them on it.
8. When they bring a problem to you, insist that they provide a possible solution as well or reschedule the conversation until they can provide one. This teaches them responsibility and increases initiative.

Go be great!