Specialist Pharmacy Business Mentors

This is a pivotal time in community pharmacy. In the face of reduced government support, rising expenses, competition and the remuneration review many pharmacists are feeling quite unsettled.

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable with uncertainty but sticking with what you know now could compromise your pharmacy’s survival.

So, to inspire you, here are some cool examples of extraordinary people and extraordinary pharmacies who are challenging the status quo and making a difference in their community.

Click on the image below to watch this short video:

The Extraordinary Pharmacy

There’s Epic Pharmacy. They are the Brave New World in action. They have a vision, staff who are engaged in their individual roles AND their community, making a difference within and outside the pharmacy. Plus they have a niche.

Specializing, being the leader, directly involving your staff make you a stronger operation both commercially and clinically.

And say what you like about the Big Yellow Box but they do some things extraordinarily well. They keep a very careful eye on expenses and they purchase at great prices. They also are extraordinarily effective in marketing to a specific group- people who are more interested in hip pocket savings than customer service. The learnings here are: ensure you’re saving in other areas if you’re going to cut your prices and know your market.

Both are industry ‘disrupters’. Their products aren’t unique but they think laterally and do things differently to your average local pharmacist.

Do you want your pharmacy to be extraordinary? Being a ‘disrupter’ will actually further enhance your credibility and integrity.

Create a niche for yourself in your community or within the pharmacy. Can you deliver outstanding service and customer experiences? Offer extraordinary value to the community? Can you contribute and have outreach programs, perhaps?

Even though it’s sometimes hard, put your complaints aside, deal with the hurdles in front of you and move on- and up.

The Keys To The Kingdom

How could your processes or systems be more effective? What can you learn from other retail businesses or even other industries?

It’s human nature to prefer stability over change but if you push through your hesitation to change, like other savvy pharmacists are doing, you’ll discover new opportunities to take your pharmacy business to a whole new level.
If you’re already positive about making changes, thinking creatively and adopting new services and new ways of connecting with customers then well done and congratulations, you’re actively building loyalty and a successful sustainable business.

If you’re not quite there yet, here’s a tip to help you get your head around it all.

Becoming Extraordinary

Dan Kennedy, marketing guru and renowned author, talks about how to move your mindset from ordinary to extraordinary. He gives examples of ‘ imprisonment thinking’ (being ordinary) as opposed to action thinking (being extraordinary)

“I can’t” vs “I will”; resentment vs gratitude; a desire for sympathy vs a desire for accomplishment; thinking “maybe tomorrow” instead of “do it now”; withdrawal vs participation.

If you want to quickly grow your business and not be at the mercy of the government and your competition then you must move to ‘action thinking’. Be prepared to disrupt the status quo even though it will probably attract some criticism.

Tall poppy syndrome is still alive and well in Australia but all that actually matters are your results.

Are your customers loving the changes and loving you?

Is your bottom line growing as a consequence of those changes?

Listening to the naysayers will keep you small and struggling (like they are).

The Steps To Success

Instead brainstorm with your staff how you can defy industry norms in pricing, selling and marketing. What can you do to shock and awe your customers and patients? What are other pharmacies NOT doing that you could?

You can transform your sales and profitability.

Change your mindset and you can improve your business and your community. There’s never been a better time to be in pharmacy to do that than right now.

Pharmacists are intelligent, capable people. Are you ready to create those changes?

If you are then go to the link below and download your free report for some great tips to help your pharmacy become extraordinary. It’s called “The 7 Strategies PROVEN To Increase Revenue In Your Pharmacy Now”