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Does this sound like your life?

Click on the image below to watch this short video:

You’ve just taken a beautiful, relaxing holiday with your family.

Before you went you set up some important protocols for your staff

  • To stay on track, working efficiently while you’re away without you needing check in with them AND
  • So they could identify and then gracefully sell solutions to fully meet your customers’ needs

You briefed your senior staff on how to direct the rest of your team and you showed them how to manage any conflicts that might arise.

You walked out the door feeling confident and satisfied that things are in control and you can just relax and enjoy yourself, knowing everything is taken care of.
Having empowered them with responsibility they managed better without you there, knowing they were accountable for the results. You happily – and correctly- anticipated coming back to increased sales compared to same time last year and a motivated, efficient and cohesive team, proud to tell you the new milestones they achieved.

Is This Your Reality Or Your Fondest Dream? 

Pharmacy Profit Secrets’ clients achieve that by:

  1. adopting great systems to motivate and delegate effectively.
  2. implementing proven marketing and sales strategies to create a consistent flood of loyal, customers every day.

This is just a dream for 80% of pharmacists and the proof is in your January sales figures.

It’s not your fault. You don’t know what you don’t know.

The reality for many neighbourhood pharmacists who dare to go on holidays looks more like this:

You walk out the door hoping everything will be ok but accepting that your holiday is going to cost you sales and profits while you’re away.  When you’re not there to keep everything on track, increased team politics, resentment and less cooperation reduces work performance, sales and service to customers. Will they vote with their feet?

When you return you move straight into fire fighting mode.…and there goes all the relaxing benefits of your holiday…!

If you don’t want that, here’s your

“Pre-emptive Strike”

Make sure your customer service is up to scratch. Are your staff properly trained?

Shelley Thomson from Retail360, a customer service specialist PPS partners with, also says to be mindful of your store layout. It affects customer service if customers or staff can’t move around freely or find the right products easily.

Do you have the right number and type of staff? Review your rostering.

If you have people ‘in attendance’ but not making an effort with customers or their job, performance manage them ahead of your holiday.

After the busyness of Christmas, people inevitably start to slack off. It’s human nature but a significant problem when you’re not there to offset it.

Some Anxiety Improves Performance (Yerkes, 1907)

so empower your people and and make them accountable- put the systems in place before you leave or you’ll lose sales and customers.

Empower each individual as a ‘champion’. Whether it’s for a product range, a section of the store, a service, an activity like marketing implementation or training in selling skills, they’re responsible for it.

Give them measurable targets and stretch goals and then arrange your retail manager (or a colleague as an ‘accountability buddy’) to check in with them in regular progress meetings.

You’ll see a significant, measurable difference in their results, when you get back.

…and if you’d like to know the other elements you must have in place to make sure you’re doing everything right to maximise your pharmacy’s success this year, then click here to download your free Pharmacy Breakthrough Checklist NOW: Click Here NOW!